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Référence : MENTO-3Vue : 538 fois - Expire le 26 Mai 2019
Entreprise :
Mentor IMC Group

Secteur :

Localisation :
Algérie, Ouargla.

Fonction :
Direction générale

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- Perform the contract reviewing.
- Establishing the different Levels of reference schedules:
- Level 1 : Global View, summary of the schedule,
- Level 2 and 3: Planning for the execution and the Control of the
- Level 4: Detailed planning of execution mainly dedicated to construction;
- Define the forecast EPC curves for the Reference of physical advancement of the Projects.
- Develop the sequencing logic and estimate the activities duration Of in agreement with the different project stakeholders.  
- Generate the S curves, the histograms and all other necessary documents in agreement with the head of Projects.
- Implement the planning procedure and the procedure to measure physical advancement.
- Ensure compliance and Implementation updates to these procedures If necessary.
- Getting the methodology planning accepted by the customer before handing out of the schedule.
- Manage the internal and external interfaces of the project In Agreement with the head of projects.
- Coordinate the monthly updates of ongoing Schedules and of the physical advancements - Coordinate the organisation and supervision of the gathering of updates for each scheduled task.
- Develop the indicators for the follow up of the S curbs to Measure the Trend Depending on The Advancement (Key Performance Indicator).
- Implement the necessary support to Collect all the Information regarding physical advancement with the different departments: Engineering, Purchases, Transport, Construction and commissioning.
- Redefine priorities depending on the advancement of the work of the different ongoing projects.
- Ensure to the Quality and the Follow-up of the reporting of the schedule updates to the project managers and the client.
- Coordinate the writing and the distribution of the Synthesis of the project advancement.
- Assist the planning engineers in their roles If necessary.
- Maintain and ensure the evolution from the planning data base.
- Ensure a technological monitoring regarding the new generation tools for the EPS (Enterprise project structure) management framework.
- Ensure the implementation of a unique data base.
- Oversee the development of the planification tools such as Oracle/Primavera P6 and ensure to modify it to comply with tenders, projects and resource management.
- Manage access rights for proper structure respect.
- Handle the conversations about the partner's and client's external planning's, with the new tool.
- Train all the planners to the new tool.
- Define common rules for the use of the tool and ensure the proper sharing of feedback.
- Manage and Develop one's team.
- Manage the planning engineers and technicians by bringing your technical expertise.
- Share your know how's and skills.
- Train and develop your colleagues and make sure to regularly dispatch them on site.
- Implement standard schedules - make them reference schedules.
- Undertake monitoring depending on the environment and depending on the constraints.
- Securing and becoming more professional using experience and know-how's.

- Master graduate from an engineering school.
- 15 Years of planning experience in a similar industry.
- Experience Within an International Group.
- Understanding of the Oil & Gas Industry.
- Scheduling and project management mastery.
- Experience in electro-mechanics.
- Civil engineering understanding and mastery.
- Planning tools mastery.
- English fluency.
- Knowledge of French and language Arabic.
- To Animate and Direct A Team.
- Ability to Communicate and to Coordinate  .
- Ability to Work in Transversally.
- Ability to Anticipate and inform.
- Ability to synthesize  .
- Ability to Convince and propose solutions.
- Site and land knowledge in an international environment.
- Understanding and knowledge of the main “Oil & Gas” customers  .

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