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Emploi par regions
Référence : ABB-18Vue : 366 fois - Expire le 11 Octobre 2018
Entreprise :

Localisation :
Algérie, Alger.

Fonction :
Commercial - Vente

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Discrete Industry Segment Leader

Job description : 

- Spending more time with customers and mapping the business opportunities to the Segment and identify areas of Focus for the country related to the segment.
- Identifying Key opportunities and map the requirements to what ABB can offer.
- Managing the Sales Team to deliver higher Sales productivity.
- Managing an effective Feedback system across the value chain for improvements.
- Intense Customer Engagement/communication for Clarity and avoiding uncertainties.
- Implementing SFDC, HeatMap, Competition analysis, Event management as the medium of all Sales and marketing processes to enable better understanding of the complete Value Chain. 
- Continuously identify pockets of areas of inefficiency in Sales and Product management and suggest solutions to improve efficiency.
- Implementing Best Practices in Sales and marketing Activities.
- Ensuring Trainings are delivered to the stakeholders in the Project Value Chain to update Knowledge base in order to support ABB Products and solutions.
- Systematic evaluation on Performance and provide necessary training for Sales and marketing competence development.
- Strategizing visit plans to customer and monitor productivity with an eye on being Thrifty.
- Focusing on clear communication with customer and other stakeholders to save/avoid Penalties, Demurrages to support cash flow.
- This is a Leadership Role and it is essential the teams across the Value Chain appreciate the efforts, feel well networked and feel motivated to be part of Growth Journey.
- Competence Development is a Key activity in Team Building with specific time based plan.

Qualifications :

- Have Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with minimum 8 years of experience in sales. - Fluency in spoken and written French, English and Arabic languages.

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