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Référence : MSD-16Vue : 387 fois - Expire le 16 Séptembre 2018
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International *, Morocco

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Commercial - Vente

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Medical Science Liaison

Description du poste :

The objective of the Medical and Scientific Liaison (MSL), by virtue of their training and expertise, is to discuss and provide scientific and therapeutic information to Healthcare Professionals and, researchers viewed by their peers (Clinical and Scientific Leaders). The MSL interaction with their Audience is built on the credibility of the scientific exchange. This ongoing exchange is possible because of the long-term relationship and the trust that the Clinical and Scientific Leader (CSL) develops with the MSL, due to unbiased information that they supply. All MSL practices are strictly scientific based and therefore non-promotional.

Reporting to the Manager, the MSL uses exceptionally strong interpersonal skills, especially in the area of one-on-one communication and rapport building, and a high degree of understanding of disease entities and therapeutics

The MSL is responsible for creating early awareness and acceptance of the scientific evidence in support of new and existing MSD products and claims.

The MSL will complete his/her tasks in a manner fully consistent with MSD commitment to our Values and Standards, policies, procedures, industry standards and all laws and regulations.


Primary responsibilities, which include activities such as:

SL’s and other KOL’s:

•           Shares medical information in the assigned therapeutic area aligned with national/regional Key Opinion Leaders and Local Practice Leaders. Shares high level educational scientific information and clinical guidelines, differentiating product attributes and outcomes studies.

•           Identifies and implements medical initiatives for development of new & existing product.

•           Prepare and develop the market for new products and claims/indications, ensuring favorable SL support prior to launch/ roll-out.

•           Develop CME-projects with key scientific leaders, key stakholders and third parties to facilitate adoption of best medical practices for physicians, health care institutions and patients.

•           Fully integrates the Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs on an ongoing basis as well as with pertinent local, regional Medical and other HCP Societies and associations in order to optimize patient outcomes.

•           Contributes drafts and executes Franchise MAP.

Interactions with Physicians:

•           Schedules meetings with Experts in his assigned TA and other Health Care professionals who might be interested in engaging in scientific discussions.

Research Projects:

•           Brings in investigator initiated studies to the Medical Department (Medical Advisor or Medical Director). Follow through with investigators up to publication / presentation.

Congresses, Symposia and Meetings:

•           Collaborates, when requested, in the coordination of information pre-events and summaries post-events. Attends congresses & symposia. Reports on the events.

•           Monitors and facilitates pre-Congress abstract submissions to the local Medical affairs Department, attends poster sessions and oral presentations.

•           Assists in CME programs development and organization and participates in scientific committees.

 Advisory Boards :

•           Assists in Advisory Board activities, including Specialty Advisory Boards, national and regional Advisory Boards and others, when needed.

•           Participates and manages Local Scientific Advisory Boards: Ongoing studies/Future studies/Areas of research/Emerging trends/Therapeutic guidelines.

Supporting responsibilities, such as the following:

•           Provides Information and Interpretation of the literature to the FF.

•           Provides clinical education and therapy training support to sales forces,

Promotional Review :

•           Review of regionally/globally developed materials to ensure compliance with local legal regulations and Promotional SOP.
•           Actively gathers and monitors Competitive Intelligence, in accordance with Company Policy.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience Required 

 •Min 2 years pharmaceutical industry experience.
•Excellent communication skills.
•Antibiotic experience is a plus.
•Good solid performance.
•MSL Previous experience .
• English skills
Education minimum requirement:  Medical degree

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